Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Blog Behind Bars

I've started a new blog for my brother on the inside, A Blog Behind Bars. He'll be sending me (and already has) journal entries, week(s) at a time. I'll type them up and post them for him. I've got a week's worth of his Journal up already.

I am psyched for him about this opportunity. A way to vent and speak his mind. A channel to use as an outlet. A possibility for additional correspondence. Something to look forward to and keep him going. For me? It will be difficult, but a great way to feel closer to him and help him out in any way I can. There are definitely not enough ways I can help him.

A lot of people may not know how to react to it, or even me doing this for him. It's definitely going to be a bit controversial, completely open, honest and unforgiving, uncensored and most of all, scary. I think it will prove to be a good read, always interesting and always emotional.


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