Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Now on Rhapsody!

I'm extremely excited to be able to tell everyone that my music is also now available on Rhapsody! This is exciting for a number of reasons but I'm stoked because I have been a subscriber of JamBase Rhapsody for quite a few years now. I just love it because this is the creation of two of my favorite things, JamBase and Rhapsody (duh!). I tell all my friends that it's the best 10 bucks I spend each month, and it's true! I just love being able to get lost in sea of music using the suggestions and samplers. Really, just a great service. And now with places like YottaMusic (and hopefully others too) you can build services around the Rhapsody API to create your own interface! Sickness!!

Another place I really love is CD Baby. One of the reasons I signed up with the great and powerful CD Baby was their digital distribution deal, among numerous other insane benefits, which automatically syndicates your music from CD Baby into places like iTunes, MSN Music, Amazon, and Rhapsody!! As it stands, my music has been distributed to 40+ companies for sale or sampling. Amazing work Derek Sivers, keep it up.

So you can see, any independent musician would be foolish not to sign up with CD Baby and take advantage of the 3-step process to achieve world-wide availability of your music. 1) Sign up for CD Baby, opt in for free digital distribution 2) Get your shit to them fast 3) Hurry up and wait.... (be patient) watch 'em pop up on line.


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