Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The 17 Year Hanging Lamp

Tonight I went out to join a gathering for my good friend Douglas's 28th birthday. We were to meet at the hookah bar on Haight St. in San Francisco. We ordered our food, were enjoying our Mojito's when all of the sudden the lamp hanging from above our table came crashing down onto our food and drinks! Really, the lamp fell on it's own accord! It was much too high for anyone to have bumped it or even cause it to swing. But it came down anyway. Somehow (and quite luckily) no one was seriously injured, although Julia did get a small gouge on her finger from flying glass shards!!

The bar felt pretty bad and rightfully so. It definitely got the attention of every person in the place and was quite unbelievable. The staff was nice enough to comp our drinks, apologize and make sure everyone was ok. After chatting with them breifly, we humorously fabricated several outrageous stories about why it fell, but learned ultimately that the lamp had probably hung there for more than 17 years... mostly untouched.


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