Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turkey Day Recovery Blues

During Thanksgiving, we all look forward to and taking advantage of the plentiful food, family and football. And when it's all over, it's back to the daily grind. Exercising, early to bed and early to rise. Wouldn't it be nice if there were more holidays in which the tradition was to be lazy?! Days off like this are needed more frequently for everyone!! Who couldn't agree with that?

Really though, Thanksgiving was amazing. It was jolly-good time! The 18-lb turkey turned out great. All of the food was amazing. Thanks to the amazing cooks - especially Allison!! There were so many dishes at our 10-person Thanksgiving this year at Jeff & Allison's place. Our holiday week/end was joined by good mid-western friends Jamie & Brandon from Vermillion, SD. The lovely Erin K. was also here to brighten the days from Boulder, CO. More friends present were Mark, Triffid, Kate and Jessica. We had a great time together throughout the entire visit. Saturday we went to Sonoma Valley and toured a few wineries. I really enjoyed that, it's quite interesting learning about it all. It is quite a broad cultural niche. Myself, I'm a red wine guy; Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cab's. But we did run into some amazing white wines as well. I actually only bought 2 bottles of wine - both white! Bah! I should have gotten some good Pinot's, but they were all more expensive.

And so we all (well, some of us anyway) go back to cold empty beds, fast days full of work and chores. Today I came home from work only to work some more. I guess I'll be making up for the glutenous holidays by putting in a few extra hours. It was quite sad in many ways when Thanksgiving was over, but even afterward I am thankful for all who joined me, those who weren't able to and anyone else that doesn't cover. I miss my family and especially my brother. Thanks Erin, Jamie and Brandon for making the long haul out for a wonderful visit.


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