Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mothwing Bite

Just how much can one connect with a piece of music? When you hear a song and it shakes you to the core, do you remember it? Put it on repeat, perhaps? Sing it all day long? Maybe you wonder how anyone could possibly craft such real music?

My friends know, I'm addicted to The Slip. Obsessed. Not because of their brand new studio release Eisenhower, but for years now I've felt this way. The album, produced by Matthew Ellard (Wilco, Morphine, Elliot Smith), reminds me of a really good book. The kind of books you can never put down. Except, you've already finished the album, 3 times today already, put it down!

The Trifecta...
The album finally puts to rest the long-running "Children of December" like they always hoped (I hope). A crowd favorite at their live shows for many years, the song sounds crisp and will definitely get you grooving to start off the disc right.

If a person had heard of The Slip recently, but hadn't heard much, it was track 2 "Even Rats". The hit single is circulating many AAA radio stations and was also featured on the widely popular PlayStation 2 game, Guitar Hero.

To complete the Trifecta, which will guarantee to most listeners that this is not your ordinary album, The Slip recorded "If One Of Us Should Fall." For myself this song is one of my favorite Slip songs and such a very well written song. Brad and the Slip have an amazing way of creating a certain energy that's not forceful. It's warm and inviting and you feel close to them. I'll say "The Slip are like no other band you've ever heard before" as I dare to continue hitting the repeat button.

Seriously though kids, Eisenhower is stellar. You think I'm biased? Fine. Go, listen for yourself.


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