Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Returning Update

Well I've safely made it back from our trip and I have been raving about it since. The entire time was really quite incredible, we had so much fun, saw so many sights, and drove a LOT of really beautiful country. I will be posting our photo gallery soon with more highlights as well.

Now a few findings that I wanted to share:
  • Walk Score - -- This website is pretty cool and gives you a score of how "walkable" your neighborhood is in regards to how close you are to local places like libraries, groceries, bars, etc... my neighborhood in Berkeley score a 91 of 100. What's yours?
  • Google Maps Terrain view! -- Google Maps has finally released a new view which provides you with topographical information on the terrain of the land. It doesn't provide elevation heights, which would be nice. Also, a friend mentioned how neat it would be if you could see the underwater terrain as well. Maybe?
  • Visual Studio 2008 Ships -- There are supposedly a lot of really great features in this new release. I'm not sure if I'll take the leap just yet, although I'm awfully anxious to try it out.


  1. My neighborhood, which is perched above the main intersection in Madison, scored an 88/100. At first I was surprised by this, then I thought that it was fairly logical, considering everything is pretty much within walking distance in this town.

  2. My walk score is 22… I was rather upset with it. And I was surprised to know that there is another score called drive score to evaluate my house. I found the way to calculate it online at Fizber site ( I’ve got much better results – 44.