Thursday, March 29, 2007


I tell you what, I'm not sure why the hell I have 2 MySpace profiles for a site that I absolutely hate. Always hated it. Ever since the first day I visited it and thought "what's the big deal?" Well the big deal is their tipping point, that's it. A concept that is becoming pretty common nomenclature is driving entire industries. It's no longer the cool social network, it's the required marketing tool to push your newest movie, song, band, website or whatever else you can think up to clutter the internet some more.

Last night I logged into my MySpace artist account to update it with a few links to marketplaces where my album can be purchased. Now usually, when a person goes to a site, logs in and then shuts down their browser without logging out, it's not a big deal, but with MySpace - it seems to be a huge no-no! It's happened to me before, but I got burned once again. This morning I received 23 new friend requests and messages. Not a single one was from someone I knew. Sorry, I don't know any "HunnyBunzz" please go away.

Yep, I hear you - "Stop complaining and just turn your profile to private" ... but then why have an account at all? I feel like I want to put a "No Soliciting" sticker on the front page. How can MySpace hold up amidst the girl spam, guerrilla marketing and just plain idiots? Charging tens of thousands of dollars for mediocre ad space. It really scares me when I hear friends or acquaintances say "I love MySpace!" It makes me cringe... I hate it.


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