Thursday, February 15, 2007

iConcertCal v1.1

Ok, so I'm behind (as usual) on my blog posts, but I will certainly not pass this one up. A while back, a buzz really started to hum in this wide world of the InterWeb about a new plug-in for iTunes called iConcertCal. Just "two grad students... living in Seattle ... tired of missing concerts for our favorite bands!" Really? No venture-backed business plan? How great is that!?

When the plug-in was announced, there was considerable coverage and it continued to pick up as some big-name blogs started covering their cool tool. PodBop, lifehacker, even a local San Francisco radio station was covering it! Just a quick Google or Technorati search shows you just how much buzz there is.

Well I am extremely pleased to say that with their release of version 1.1, they've introduced a few really nice features, and ..... (drumroll) ....... integrated our JamBase event data into their feed!! They even kindly inform people how to get their dates to appear in iConcertCal, which is to go and Add your Show at JamBase. Great work guys, keep it up and we'll keep looking forward to new features and upgrades.


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