Monday, February 12, 2007

How am I not myself?

How had I not run into this string of sites before? I think I probably have, but brushed it off. In my quest for the book reading blog widget, my good friend Neils pointed me to a place where I could create something just like I had hoped for. The widget is inside my right column here with the other widgets. Damn, I'm going to have to find a new wider blog template, or (gasp!) write my own!?

The Robot Co-op is a neat group of folks that built a fun set of sites where I ran into my book reading blog widget. 43 things is a set of social sites that all tie in together pretty nicely. And boy, what a way to waste your time! I mean, holy shit- why don't you just go ahead and create some lists, consume stuff, decide what you want to do in life, who you want to meet, where you want to go, and who knows what else!? All with the same profile.


  1. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Glad I could enlighten your sad, small world ;-)

  2. Anonymous12:01 AM

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