Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Google Approach to Web Browsers

Wow! This is exciting news. You may have already found out that Google is working on, and will release later today in Beta, a web browser... Google Chrome.

It's based on the open source Webkit project and has taken a new approach to web browsers as we know them today. There is a fantastic comic book that talks about a lot of the details on how and why Google has chosen to make the browser.

It certainly looks fantastically simple, and I'm happy to see their test-driven development. Though, as a web developer, this could potentially have just made my job a lot harder (though I know they're trying to make it easier, but still...)

1 comment:

  1. I jumped on this bandwagon right away. Unfortunately, it isn't 100% compatible with some of our work web apps, so I can't use it as my full-time browser.

    Now I'm frothing, waiting for a Mac version, so I can use it at home, too.