Tuesday, June 24, 2008

#$%* Wireless Routers!

Why is it that no matter how much you research them, not matter how much you spend on one, that after a while your wireless router all of the sudden needs to be restarted daily or every other day? And shortly after that it just completely craps out

I've got to say that I've probably owned about a dozen routers. All plague me with the same life length. Have they all banded together to form the Evil Router Manufacturers of America, or am I losing it? No matter what brand, Linksys, DLINK, Belkin, Netgear -- they ALL SUCK!

Fuck Wireless Routers. Fuck 'em!


  1. Linksys Wireless G has treated me right at home. Which kind are you currently battling with, sir Mase?

  2. Tried that one... crapped out on me before.
    Right now I'm using the Belkin brand and I thought I'd finally won this battle, but now I go home every day and I have to restart it in order to get online.

  3. I personally have fallen in love with the Airport Extreme by Apple. It's spendy, but it has nice features like network attaching hard drives and printers via USB.