Thursday, March 06, 2008


On the Primaries
I am a big fan of Barack Obama and I receive his newsletter updates. Without getting into the thick of it politically, I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts on this:
  • Even though Hilary Clinton won TX and OH, which is big news, Clinton's net gain of delegates after the March 4th primaries was 4 delegates. Four. This means all in all, she only got 4 delegates closer to Obama's lead. Obama still has a lead of more than 150 delegates. While I certainly do not hate on Clinton, I'm not so much a fan of how she conducts herself or "plays ball" sometimes... but hey, who said politics had to be nice? If she wins the nomination, I'll definitely vote for her. But I am very, very excited about what Barack Obama can do for us.
  • While in general there are so many things to be excited about with Obama's campaign (and admittedly some things not to be excited about, re: ethanol) he sure seems to be making a splash, breaking records and setting some new precedents. In February alone, Obama's campaign raised $55 million, $45 million of it online. Wow! That's pretty incredible to say the least.
This week we launched a really big release that I'm very proud of. We've got Widgets (see mine on the right!), Show Alerts, a highly-improved search feature and a smattering of other smaller updates. I am especially excited about Show Alerts because now you'll never have to miss a show again! Track your favorite artists and get notified when we add a show your artists in your area. Really?! Yep. Really. If your not a member of JamBase, what ware you waiting for!?

On My Music
Our band, Melodic Jones is on "hiatus" for now... we all want something different at the moment and I think we can all respect that (or try to anyway)... ;-) This provides some time for me to reflect on my own music as well. I hope to sink myself into some more songwriting and have begun so (albeit somewhat slowly). I am considering several options, but am very excited about the idea of recording another solo album. What you guys think? Your thoughts and encouragement are always appreciated.

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