Friday, January 04, 2008

Stop Smoking!

It's unbelievable the transformation I've undergone from reading this book by Allen Carr. A truly amazing short book that has helped millions of people stop smoking. Allen Carr's EasyWay to Stop Smoking definitely got me to stop and now I can't believe I used to do that! For 10 Years even!

I was so inspired by this book after finished, that even though I'd only been done smoking for maybe 1 week, I rushed out and bought 7 copies of the book and gave them to anyone significant in my life that was smoking. I'm going back to friends now after the Holidays and seeing how things are going. I do know at least 1 of those 7 has reported back to me an extremely happy non-smoker. He too said it it was "very easy." Another friend is half way through the book and is convinced she'll quit this time. A co-worker I gave the book to on a whim wrote me an email only a few chapters in telling me it already seemed like "his savior". I'll report back when I hear more.

I have been smoke free for about 6 weeks and I know I'll never smoke again. I have told many people about the book, and I just can't stop telling others. I'll probably go out and buy another 5 copies soon. The word is spreading though; my girlfriends family is buying several copies and pooling together a group of their family business employees to try it out. A real smart move for sure.

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  1. Awesome! You are single-handedly putting the cigarette business out of business! Godspeed! !!!1!