Friday, November 02, 2007

What If ... ?

I had a thought last night. I wanted to start a series of posts on my blog here entitled "What If ... ?" where I propose some sort of idea, situation or solution for you all to ponder. For instance, the idea came to me through a question I've had for a long time.

What If UPS "went green" and replaced all of their delivery vehicles with Zero Emission fuel cell technology?

So before I went ahead an posted this question, I did a quick search. Fortunately, it turns out I'm right! I found this video (which annoyingly, is only available on IE) from 9/29/07 at BusinessWeek (hellluva a business they've got only tailoring it's content to select users). So it seems that not only is UPS focusing on going green, so is FedEx. The two companies are teaming up with different partners, but principal and common goal is still the same. There is also some talks that USPS will also make a similar move. Seems that our government agency could and should be the first to initiate something like this, but as long as they all see it's importance and execute soon, I'll be happy.


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