Sunday, December 19, 2004

Close the Circle

Ok first off I feel I should make some introductions. I live with two friends of mine from back home in Custer, Jeff and Alli. They've been married now for I think about 3 years! We all live in Richmond, CA -- San Francisco Bay Area.

So today we thought ourselves to be adventurous, and headed up north on the San Rafael Bridge to the Muir Woods. The breathtaking scenes made me a bit trigger happy with my (fairly) new digital camera (the FujiFilm FinePix E510) of which I hope to have all these pictures loaded up here soon! We walked a few miles of trails and played tourist in the gift shops buying up t-shirts, hoodies, books, postcards and whatever else we could get our hands on. And we shuffled on, trying to buy a bit of extra time to spend at Stenson Beach, our next stop.

Off we headed through the woods onto Hwy 1, famously known throughout California (so I've been told) for it's scenic route along nearly the entire coast of California. While this road had spectacular views, and picturesque scenery, a bit of car sickness was in store for yours truly while I peaked over the edge, peered at the maps and paid no attention to the windy road before us. Our climb down from the mountains was greeted excellently will with a great view of Stinson Beach. I was anxious and excited, since I (being the Small-Town-South-Dakota-Never-Get-Out-Of-The-Midwest-Much kind of kid I was) had never seen the ocean before. Never! Can you believe that?!? And off we went all while I felt the need to capture it all on my camera we headed down to the beach. Cold water, bright sun, castles made of sand, salty air, seaweed sand, sufers, fishermen, families, tokers, foreigners and an endless view of water... I loved it. I wished I had my guitar to just sit and write song all night and into the morning. We had to do it... off our shoes went and up our pants got rolled. And we walked out into the cold, and to our dismay the waves coming in soaked mine and Alli's pants. We knew the rest of our day in San Francisco was going to be a chili one.

We finish our drive off Hwy1 as the sun was just about to set. Down to the Golden Gate Bridge and across into San Francisco. What a great city!! We wanted to head down to Fisherman's Wharf and checked out what we could in the dark. Walked around Pier 39 and then checked curbed our appetites at Pier Market Restaurant. EXCELLENT food and not too expensive for fresh seafood.

The most perfect ending would have been a last minute decision to catch Phil & Friends at the Warfield, but while we all would have loved to go, we were exhausted from our adventurous day!! I'll do my best to get the plentiful amounts of pictures from today's adventure up here soon. I swear.